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Customized Portfolio Solutions

Industry Trends, Offering, Our Experience and Credentials, and Value Proposition

Industry Trends:
  • Hedge funds remain an important part of investors' portfolios, providing:
    • Diversification benefits
    • Higher risk-adjusted returns vs. traditional assets
    • Greater protection in down markets
  • Selection of top-tier managers is complex requiring:
    • Comprehensive due diligence
    • Ongoing monitoring
    • Investment expertise
    • Operational concerns are paramount - protection from fraud, misvaluations and style drift
  • Operational concerns are paramount - protection from fraud, misvaluations and style drift

  • Partnership with institutional investors on advisory or discretionary basis
  • Services include:
    • Investment and operational due diligence process
    • Manager selection
    • Asset allocation
    • Dynamic monitoring and oversight
    • Quantitative analysis
    • Use of managed accounts where appropriate for mitigation of investment and operational risks
  • Customization of hedge fund portfolios to meet investor requirements - risk appetite, return objective, liquidity constraint

Our Experience and Credentials:
  • CIO
    • 20+ years HF investment experience
    • Deep experience in customization of hedge fund portfolios, including large customized mandates with top-quartile performance
    • Built large fund of hedge funds from scratch
  • CEO
    • Experienced financial services business builder, served as President and COO of Investcorp
    • Worked closely with Pulse’s CIO on Investcorp’s fund of hedge funds businesses
    • Supported by deep quantitative/investment resources

Value Proposition:
  • 50+ plus years of investment experience and track record
  • Customized solutions offering knowledge transfer
  • Advanced portfolio construction methodologies
  • Full benefits of managed accounts (if required) to mitigate operational and style drift risk