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Industry Trends


  • Investors in the Gulf continue to find HF investing attractive with HFs being an important part of their asset allocation strategy. They put emphasis on long track record, low drawdowns, and controlled volatility
  • Sovereign wealth funds are among the largest investor group in the Gulf and have sophisticated teams that deploy advanced asset allocation techniques and risk based analysis. Such investors tend to take a long-term view of the markets and are a sought-after investor base by most hedge funds
  • Family offices are opportunistic investors that can invest across the alternative investment spectrum. They are often quick to react to opportunities and are a strong candidate for customized portfolio solutions
  • Pensions are another large investor group in the Gulf, several of whom have large allocations to global hedge funds
  • Financial institutions including banks in the Gulf have internal investment allocations as well as an interest in providing alternative solutions to their own clients
  • Partnership with established hedge fund managers
  • Principal focus – Gulf based investors
  • Business development relationship based on detailed knowledge of the Gulf, depth of investment experience and expert advice on product offerings (bullet points)
  • Pulse principals have long experience in HF investing and marketing
  • Approach due diligence from the perspective of investors
  • Key relationships in the Gulf built up over many years living and working in the region
  • Offices in NY and London

Our Experience and Credentials

Value Proposition


  • 50+ years of collective HF investment experience
  • Pulse principals have deep experience in hedge fund market and building hedge fund businesses and establishing institutional relationships
  • Dedicated business development focuses principally on the Gulf
  • Conducted diligence on hundreds of managers and invested $2.5 billion in capital
  • Invested in 50 + emerging managers
  • Built $9 billion FOF business
  • Allows managers to focus on alpha generation
  • Dedicated business development with ongoing presence in the Gulf
  • Reputation of Pulse team with institutional investors in the Gulf
  • Proprietary due diligence process that meets requirements of most demanding institutional investors