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Advisory Services

Industry Trends

Offering in the Gulf

  • Gulf investors focus on established hedge fund managers due to the institutional nature of the market
  • Gulf investors (primarily SWF and pensions) use long-term asset allocation processes to invest across all asset classes. They tend to be long-term investors and are staffed with sophisticated and experienced investment professionals
  • Pulse’s strength with Gulf-based investors is based on decades of
    • Nurturing and building trust
    • Continuous networking to leverage already strong relationships and to develop new ones
    • Living and working in the Gulf for many years - Pulse founders held senior positions at Investcorp and JP Morgan
    • Deep relationships with key investors (ranging from junior to senior level decision makers)
  • Frequent visits to the region

Our Experience and Credentials

Value Proposition


  • Managing Partners all have spent their careers advising clients with a focus on the Gulf and hedge fund investing
  • CEO was previously President of Investcorp and has over 23 years’ experience in the Gulf
  • CIO previously Co-CEO of Investcorp Hedge Fund Group and has over 35 years’ experience in the Gulf
  • Head of Marketing was previously Managing Director at JP Morgan Middle East and has over 25 years’ experience in the Gulf
  • We are selective on our hedge fund relationships
  • We conduct independent investment and operational due diligence to gain conviction on team, strategy, and alpha generation
  • We have built long standing relationships with investors based on history in the Gulf and a long track record of hedge fund investing
  • Our team travels to the Gulf frequently and operates in similar time zones as Gulf investors
  • We understand the requirements of various investors and provide efficient and appropriate investment solutions